Tip #21


Loafers look best without socks. No show socks will help you keep the look and preserve the shoes. 

Tip #21 Exposed:

Banana Republic amongst many other designers make socks that do not show. I know a lot of people don’t like the feel of wearing shoes without socks, so here is the solution. You can look and feel great with the no show socks. Another positive is that they help preserve the shoes AND keep them from smelling horribly. I have a few pairs and they are great. I personally like the very low cut ones just so I can be sure no part of the sock can be seen. After all that is the purpose of the no show socks, so make sure they don’t show!

Tip #18


We all love our suede boots, you should waterproof and protect them, because you can!

Tip #18 Exposed:

This is one of those tips that I think people just don’t know, but should. Yes, Cole Haan and other brands sell waterproof suede boot. Guess what, they treat them the same way I am informing you about, with a suede proof spray! Furthermore, the proof does rub off even on those waterproof suede boots you bought and therefor they should be treated again over time. One more thing, I suggest you but suede that is designed beat up a bit. Like the rubbed out toe in the picture above. This way when you beat them up some more they will still just look like thats the style. Good one, huh?

Tip #15

Lint Brush

Lint brushes are a closet essential, own one!

Tip #15 Exposed:

We have all come across a situation where we pull a suit, shirt, or pants out of the closet and they are full of something that a simple lint brush would rectify. Maybe you neighbors cute little dog sheds, maybe you had a good night out dancing with a girl (or guy, whatever you preference) who had one of those sweaters. We all know those sweaters all to well! So before you get into the situation of putting something on that is full of lint, fur, etc. have the solution handy. I personally like the sticky lint brushes that peel off for a fresh start, but the red fabric ones work as well. They come in all shapes and sizes, so if you don’t have one, get one and you’ll thank me later.

Tip #13


If you don’t know this yet, you should, make sure to wash your jeans inside out.

Tip #13 Exposed:

As the tip says, if you are unaware of this you must know to wash your jeans as well as any of your good clothing, inside out. This helps preserve the color. Also, don’t use to much detergent! Filling up your detergent all the way to the line on its cap is to much. Trust me, the detergent company wants you using more so you buy more. This tip is a very simple one that everyone should know.

Tip #11


You breath, let your suits breath as well!

Tip #11 Exposed:

As I did, many believe that keeping your suits in cleaner bags protects them. This is in fact not the case! Your suits need to air out, and definitely after you have worn them. Keeping them in the cleaner bags will many times cause the static issue as well, that we all hate. Although, remember if you do have the static issue and your pants are sticking to your legs, there are many sprays out there that will alleviate the issue. If you are worried about your suits getting wrinkled just make sure they are hung right and there is enough space in your closet to leave a bit of room between them.

Tip # 8


Treat your leather right!

Tip # 8 Exposed:

If you don’t know about leather cream you need to! Leather cream such as the one in the photo both protect your leather and clean it. They protect it by coating it to keep water, scuffs, and stains from absorbing into the leather. This will keep your shoes, bags, belts and whatever other leather you wear looking fresh. Keep in mind this is not a one time thing, although doing it periodically will clean the leather as well. Apply the cream, wait for it to dry, and then buff to get the natural shine of your leather. This is the single best tip I can give for leather, period.

Tip #5


Dry cleaning shortens the life of your clothing, period.

Tip #5 Exposed:

Chemicals and clothing just don’t mix, so do your best to keep your clothing away from the dry cleaners. Here are a few ways to keep your clothing clean and wrinkle free without needing the dry cleaners. One, if you have a stain or something dirty on your clothing try and spot clean them with a warm damp cloth/towel. Two, always hang your clothing right (on the creases etc..) this should help the wrinkles hang out. Three, you can always hang clothing in the bathroom when you take a hot shower to help steam out the wrinkles. If all else fails and you do need to bring some of your clothing in to the dry cleaners you can always ask them to just soft press them (if they are clean and you are just bringing them in because of wrinkles). This will skip all the cleaning chemicals, but remember the press isn’t good for the cloths either.