Tip #16


Your collar all curled up just looks bad, use collar stays.

Tip #16 Exposed:

There is nothing worse then seeing someone wearing a nice shirt but his collar is curled up in the air. Really, putting collar stays in your shit is such a simple thing but you see all to often people not wearing them. You can buy a variety pack (different lengths) of metal or plastic ones for about 10 dollar. You know your are going to lose the ones that came with the shirt all the time so just “splurge” and spend the $10 to get yourself a variety pack.  Also, you can alway leave a spear in your car or office just in case you forget to put them in, in the morning, it happens.

Tip #13


If you don’t know this yet, you should, make sure to wash your jeans inside out.

Tip #13 Exposed:

As the tip says, if you are unaware of this you must know to wash your jeans as well as any of your good clothing, inside out. This helps preserve the color. Also, don’t use to much detergent! Filling up your detergent all the way to the line on its cap is to much. Trust me, the detergent company wants you using more so you buy more. This tip is a very simple one that everyone should know.

Tip #12



We all love our inbox shopping, but keep in mind it is not always the cheapest.

Tip #12 Exposed:

A great trick to getting good deals on clothing is inbox shopping (sites such as the above, that send sales to your email). Keep in mind though, that when you find something you like on one of these sites you should always google the item to see if you can find it cheaper elsewhere. There is a reason these sites are selling items at such a low price, obviously a retailer is trying to get rid of inventory they could not sell. Maybe you can find it  for cheaper from that retailer or from another discount site. Happy shopping!

Tip #7


Stars and Stripes are fine on the American Flag not your clothing, they don’t match!

Tip #6 Exposed:

When trying to match clothing stay away from checkered and stripes, they clash! When wearing a checkered shirt your safest bet is to wear a solid jacket. Same with a striped shirt and vise versa a striped or checkered jacket will be best with a solid shirt. So try and own both solid shirts and solid jackets. Same applies to pants and socks, pants and shirt etc….. Playing it safe is always a good idea. People will notice a clash before they notice a match!

Tip # 6


Change your shoes! Your shoes will last if you make sure to give them a rest every other day, at the very least.

Tip #6 Exposed:

We all love our leather. Just like humans, leather needs to rest. Wearing your shoes every day will shorten there lifespan so make sure you give them a break. Financially, if you have one pair of shoes and you wear them every day lets say they will last you 6 months. Two pair – 1 year, 3 pair – A year and a half,  and so on….. What I am trying to get at is that it is going to cost you the same price to have one pair or 3 so buy some shoes and have a variety for no additional cost!!

Tip #2

Stay ahead of the game. Shop with an open mind instead of shopping for something specific. 

Tip#2 Exposed:

If your staying ahead of the game you should not find yourself in a position that your wardrobe needs a specific item. You will always over pay when you go shopping for something you need (a specific item).  Instead make the good deal, on anything, the item you are looking for and you will save tons on designer clothing.