Tip #21


Loafers look best without socks. No show socks will help you keep the look and preserve the shoes. 

Tip #21 Exposed:

Banana Republic amongst many other designers make socks that do not show. I know a lot of people don’t like the feel of wearing shoes without socks, so here is the solution. You can look and feel great with the no show socks. Another positive is that they help preserve the shoes AND keep them from smelling horribly. I have a few pairs and they are great. I personally like the very low cut ones just so I can be sure no part of the sock can be seen. After all that is the purpose of the no show socks, so make sure they don’t show!

Tip #20


The best face wash is plain old cold water. 

Tip #20 Exposed:

I am sure I am not alone when I say that I have tried tens of different types of face washes.  Motorizing, acne clearing, exfoliating, amongst many other types. From extremely pricey ones to just plain old Rite Aid brand, I’ve tried them all. Recently, and I wish I would have figured this out a long time ago, I dropped all facial product completely. The only thing that hits my face is cold water, and obviously warmer water when I shower but I make sure to rinse with cold water afterwards. Cold water closes your pores and prevents break outs. This works for my skin. Although, if you have dry skin or very oily skin maybe adding a simple moisturizer or gentle skin cleanser would work best. The point is go easy on your face. Using five different products on your face every time you shower is just not the way to go. Simply keep it simple.

Tip # 19


Suspenders, wearing them with a suit is cool but down with jeans is even cooler!

Tip #19 Exposed:

Suspenders, yes, suspenders with jeans or khakis can work great. They are out there, I myself have a pair of Varvatos (John) khakis with some kick ass suspenders. Of course, I take my own tip in to account and wear them down with a tee, polo or even a casual shirt. Remember, if you do have some killer suspenders you plan to wear with a pair of jeans you do need suspender buttons. I mainly use pairs that are meant for suspenders, but you can have the buttons sowed on to any pair your heart desires. Plug the suspenders in, let em hang down, and rock it!

Tip #16


Your collar all curled up just looks bad, use collar stays.

Tip #16 Exposed:

There is nothing worse then seeing someone wearing a nice shirt but his collar is curled up in the air. Really, putting collar stays in your shit is such a simple thing but you see all to often people not wearing them. You can buy a variety pack (different lengths) of metal or plastic ones for about 10 dollar. You know your are going to lose the ones that came with the shirt all the time so just “splurge” and spend the $10 to get yourself a variety pack.  Also, you can alway leave a spear in your car or office just in case you forget to put them in, in the morning, it happens.

Tip #15

Lint Brush

Lint brushes are a closet essential, own one!

Tip #15 Exposed:

We have all come across a situation where we pull a suit, shirt, or pants out of the closet and they are full of something that a simple lint brush would rectify. Maybe you neighbors cute little dog sheds, maybe you had a good night out dancing with a girl (or guy, whatever you preference) who had one of those sweaters. We all know those sweaters all to well! So before you get into the situation of putting something on that is full of lint, fur, etc. have the solution handy. I personally like the sticky lint brushes that peel off for a fresh start, but the red fabric ones work as well. They come in all shapes and sizes, so if you don’t have one, get one and you’ll thank me later.

Tip #12



We all love our inbox shopping, but keep in mind it is not always the cheapest.

Tip #12 Exposed:

A great trick to getting good deals on clothing is inbox shopping (sites such as the above, that send sales to your email). Keep in mind though, that when you find something you like on one of these sites you should always google the item to see if you can find it cheaper elsewhere. There is a reason these sites are selling items at such a low price, obviously a retailer is trying to get rid of inventory they could not sell. Maybe you can find it  for cheaper from that retailer or from another discount site. Happy shopping!

Tip #11


You breath, let your suits breath as well!

Tip #11 Exposed:

As I did, many believe that keeping your suits in cleaner bags protects them. This is in fact not the case! Your suits need to air out, and definitely after you have worn them. Keeping them in the cleaner bags will many times cause the static issue as well, that we all hate. Although, remember if you do have the static issue and your pants are sticking to your legs, there are many sprays out there that will alleviate the issue. If you are worried about your suits getting wrinkled just make sure they are hung right and there is enough space in your closet to leave a bit of room between them.