Tip #17


Your socks need to match your pants not your tie, it just looks tacky.

Tip #17 Exposed:

We all know that guy that walks in with his pink tie and exactly matching pink socks. My opinion, it looks like you are trying way to hard. I am not saying that you need to make sure they never match, you just don’t need to try to hard to make sure they do. Again, I remind you all that I just give my opinion, and you always need to make the final decision yourself. If you like to wear matching ties and socks, go for it, I just think it looks tacky (as my tip states).

Tip #11


You breath, let your suits breath as well!

Tip #11 Exposed:

As I did, many believe that keeping your suits in cleaner bags protects them. This is in fact not the case! Your suits need to air out, and definitely after you have worn them. Keeping them in the cleaner bags will many times cause the static issue as well, that we all hate. Although, remember if you do have the static issue and your pants are sticking to your legs, there are many sprays out there that will alleviate the issue. If you are worried about your suits getting wrinkled just make sure they are hung right and there is enough space in your closet to leave a bit of room between them.

Tip #10


Black eye


A black and blue eye is never good, but black and blue on your outfit does work SOMETIMES….

Tip #10 EXPOSED:

Sometimes? Yes, I left this tip a bit open. Thankfully for the exposed part, as it will always explain. Navy and black generally do NOT match. On the other hand, light blue or baby blue can work with black. I say navy and black, “generally” because it CAN work with shoes and pants but on anything else on your outfit I would have to say no. The “CAN” (in capitals) is there for a reason as well, because you must tread lightly even with that. So as a general rule it is best just to stay away from wearing navy and black together. Keep in mind, I only write advise so it is always up to the person wearing it to make the final decision!

Tip #9


Tie bars/clips are awesome, find the right sized one for your tie though.

Tip#9 Exposed:

Ties come in all different sizes (width wise), so do tie bars. Make sure you get the right sized one for the width of the ties you wear. There are multiple ways to wear the bar as well. You can wear one that covers the whole width of your tie, ¾ of it, or, half of it. You can also wear them on multiple different places of the tie (length wise). I will leave it up to the wearer to decide what and where he like to wear the bar. Ohh, and your tie will stay in in the right position, so there is a use for the bar aside for the look. Can’t beat convenience and fashion at the same time! FYI, I love www.thetiebar.com

Tip # 8


Treat your leather right!

Tip # 8 Exposed:

If you don’t know about leather cream you need to! Leather cream such as the one in the photo both protect your leather and clean it. They protect it by coating it to keep water, scuffs, and stains from absorbing into the leather. This will keep your shoes, bags, belts and whatever other leather you wear looking fresh. Keep in mind this is not a one time thing, although doing it periodically will clean the leather as well. Apply the cream, wait for it to dry, and then buff to get the natural shine of your leather. This is the single best tip I can give for leather, period.

Tip # 6


Change your shoes! Your shoes will last if you make sure to give them a rest every other day, at the very least.

Tip #6 Exposed:

We all love our leather. Just like humans, leather needs to rest. Wearing your shoes every day will shorten there lifespan so make sure you give them a break. Financially, if you have one pair of shoes and you wear them every day lets say they will last you 6 months. Two pair – 1 year, 3 pair – A year and a half,  and so on….. What I am trying to get at is that it is going to cost you the same price to have one pair or 3 so buy some shoes and have a variety for no additional cost!!

What to expect from ZCE Men

Hi All,

My first post should give everyone an idea of what content will be in the ZCE Men’s Blog.

What will I be writing about?

I will be sharing my tips, tricks and knowledge on Men’s fashion. Everything from how to get a good deal on clothing to how to care for it and most importantly how to wear it!

Why read/follow my blog?

Learn important things about Men’s fashion and how to put them to use.

The following is a break down of the content that will be featured on ZCE Men’s:

  • Buying – Where, when and how to buy.
  • Caring – How to keep your clothing looking like new after years of use.
  • Wearing – What to wear and what NOT to. How to play it safe when your just not sure.

No better time to start then now…….

Tip #1:

If your not confident with what you are wearing don’t wear it. 

Thanks for reading,