Tip #17


Your socks need to match your pants not your tie, it just looks tacky.

Tip #17 Exposed:

We all know that guy that walks in with his pink tie and exactly matching pink socks. My opinion, it looks like you are trying way to hard. I am not saying that you need to make sure they never match, you just don’t need to try to hard to make sure they do. Again, I remind you all that I just give my opinion, and you always need to make the final decision yourself. If you like to wear matching ties and socks, go for it, I just think it looks tacky (as my tip states).

Tip #9


Tie bars/clips are awesome, find the right sized one for your tie though.

Tip#9 Exposed:

Ties come in all different sizes (width wise), so do tie bars. Make sure you get the right sized one for the width of the ties you wear. There are multiple ways to wear the bar as well. You can wear one that covers the whole width of your tie, ¾ of it, or, half of it. You can also wear them on multiple different places of the tie (length wise). I will leave it up to the wearer to decide what and where he like to wear the bar. Ohh, and your tie will stay in in the right position, so there is a use for the bar aside for the look. Can’t beat convenience and fashion at the same time! FYI, I love www.thetiebar.com